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Your average team photo doesn’t represent the investment your athlete (AND you!) have made to their sport. Cyndie’s unique sports composites create cutting-edge posters and banners that will instantly put your team in a league of its own! Designs are customized to each team with a strong emphasis on detail so you can show them who you really are. Give your athletes the opportunity to have fun and build team rapport before their season even starts! We can create an awesome team image that gives your athletes the opportunity to feel like stars when they reveal their mind-blowing posters and banners to their community.

Plus it’s the perfect fundraising opportunity for your team. Gather sponsors, distribute around town; even sell them at games.


“I gave Cyndie the task of making the photos cool for the kids and she ran with it. She is very creative with her backgrounds. We wanted to get away from the standard photo and try something the kids would say was cool. Each year she tries something new. It scares me at first but then when I see it I say “WOW!”. The (graduating) 8th graders get a special poster and they always look forward to seeing how cool she makes them look. Parents are blown away with her work and request her information every year for other photos they ma desire. She is very generous with her time to work on our schedule and has always gone above and beyond with her service.”

-Dave Freymiller, Bigfoot Wolves Football Coach

“I wanted a more personal and creative keepsake photo for my customers. Cyndie takes time with the students and is very patient with each one. She cares about the correct dance technique in each pose and adds her artistry for creating movement in the photo using twirls and jumps, thrilling my dancers and their parents. I’m very pleased with her work and look forward to this year’s session.”

-Carol Dick, Owner of Mar Ray Dance Studio

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